Eddego was started as the education and research arm of international sustainability consulting firms like En3 and renowned MEP consultancy firm, N.college homework helper Vaidyanathan & Associates.

We strive to inculcate holistic and integrated quality training in research programs that supports the progress of sustainable businesses and the built environment. Our first step in this direction is to educate passionate individuals. Here we deliver the carefully researched and well thought out curriculum that stems from several decades of consulting experience and applied knowledge.

Our instructors play the key role in summary on the hunger games book 1 successful implementation of the program. Eddego brings in industry experts who will share their years of experience while factoring in regional nuances. We help them to assess the skill level of both industry professionals and student community and thus, equip them with resources for better business and job prospects in the fast growing green economy.

At Eddego, we believe in the adage “Knowledge is power”. Knowledge is a wealth that allows people to meet their career goals and thus, achieve greater success and professional fulfillment. Our carefully selected courses have been made interactive and engaging to meet the educational and training needs of the industry. We are constantly working towards integrating new technologies and best practices with the help of modern learning methods in order to expand our curriculum and to keep in pace with the ever-changing industry.

Our commitment goes beyond just providing an attractive set of courses and training. Our endeavor is to offer a wide range of services that will help “building careers”. Our highly knowledgeable advisors help you meet your individual needs.

Currently, Eddego is sharing our knowledge through our courses, with the expectation of adding many more in the years to come.